Conceptual photography for the advertising campaign | Freedom via landline phone | of CEGETEL – a French wireline telecommunications service provider.
CEGETEL’s slogan is | Si on y réfléchit c’est Cegetel qu’on choisit* |.
*If we think about it, it’s Cegetel that we choose

Publication in PHOTO Magazine, France; issue no. 402/ sept. 2003

photography by catalina sedlak, photo montage, conceptual photography

As a methodology conceptual photography is a type of photography that is staged to represent an idea.

Since conceptual advertising pictures are ultimately filtered through individual experiences, they inherently create the advertising personalisation that is so important to differentiate a message from the background noise of the crowded marketplace. Ultimately, such strategies increase the likelihood of conversions to sales through the emotional bonds that often serve as a reliable pillar for any successful campaign.

STORYTELLING is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
– Robert McKee

photography by catalina sedlak, photo montage, conceptual photography, advertising add, poster
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